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#1 - Let 2016 Be Your Best Year Ever

Already end of February? Where did the time go?

Like every year we make resolutions and set intentions for the New Year. However, by February, many people will fail and will be back to routine again.

That is why I personally wait until the end of February to set my goals. For me January is still Christmas and has never worked out in my favour. I therefore shifted my time frame to the end of February to remind myself the New Year has really started.

In either case, making resolutions or setting goals at the beginning of the year or waiting for the end of February makes no sense if they do not produce the expected outcome.

Why so you may wonder? Our resolutions hardly produce the expected outcomes because we tend to overestimate ourselves. We are too ambitious and set goals which are farfetched.

Instead we should first do some research on the most important areas of our lives which are interwoven with the area in which we set our goals. We should try to evaluate all areas of your life, identify what is important, urgent and needs immediate attention.

Your 2016 can only become your best year ever if you ask yourself pertinent questions such as;

What really motivates me towards my goals? Or better said the reason behind my goal is?

Do I have what it takes to achieve my goals? Do I have the mental, physical and emotional strength to attain my goal?

By knowing what really motivates you and knowing you have what it takes to accomplish a goal, you simply are preventing yourself from getting suck and losing momentum along the way. I’ll therefore advice you to make plans, set goals and commit to the right routines and most importantly make a schedule of your goals. Studies have shown that only what get schedule gets done.

For 2016 to be your best year ever, use these ten simple steps:

1) Set one goal each in these three areas of your Life (Health, Family, Financial)

2) Wake up an hour earlier than you normally do

3) Stop Procrastinating

4) Be more conscientious

5) Keep a journal

6) Create A Positive Attitude

7) Read More Books

8) Learn one new skill

9) Be kind to Yourself - You matter

10) Start a Meditation Practice

Conclusion: 2016 is your blank sheet to now get to rewrite your life and your future. You get to dream of anything you want. You get to make it happen if you apply the above ten steps. Let these ten steps be your inspiration to your best year ever.

Let these steps become your mantra for rest of the year to wire your mind for successes.

Keep me posted on your difficulties or progress by commenting below.

With much Hope to your best year ever.

Lilian Moeller Founder, CEO, Coach and Mentor African Women’s Economic And Entrepreneurship Forum
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