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#2 - Why The African Woman Has Failed In Honouring Her Worth. – By Lilian Moeller

The African Woman has failed in many aspects of her life but most of all, she has failed to honour herself.

The culture made us to believe we were born to be mothers, wives and sisters - End of story. We have listen more to the words of men rather than the words of our creator. We spend our lives finding solutions to nurture our motherhood rather than our womanhood. We have believed everyone else except ourselves. We believed so much that doubting our worth has become second nature. Readon..


#1 - Let 2016 Be Your Best Year Ever

Already end of February? Where did the time go? Like every year we make resolutions and set intentions for the New Year. However, by February, many people will fail and will be back to routine again.

That is why I personally wait until the end of February to set my goals. For me January is still Christmas and has never worked out in my favour. I therefore shifted my time frame to the end of February to remind myself the New Year has really started.


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