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About Us

We are a Non-profit Organization concerned with the welfare advancement of Women in Africa.

It has been observed that despite the efforts of Women in Africa, they seem to be under-appreciated and lacking in all aspects of growth.

George Monbiot rightly said, ‘‘If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa will be a millionaire’’ which is currently not the case.

We are a ‘brain trust’ committed to challenging the ‘Status Quo’ for the economic advancement and progress of Women in Africa by providing the necessary support and empowering them to be financial free.

AWEEF intends to expose African Women’s capacities and capabilities to the world in return for collaborations worldwide.      

Goals and Process:

The established expected outcomes guiding our Organization are as follows:

- Improve Women’s economic and entrepreneurship status

- Business creation

- Angel investment in order to give Women a chance in building and owning businesses

- Business coaching

- Branding

- Worldwide exposure of African Women’s business and products

- Financial freedom creation for Women

- Initiation of country policy improvement for gender equality

- Overall empowerment of Women in Africa

We aim on creating awareness and sensitizing both men and Women to the idea of new ways Women can start showing up and owning their lives and the benefits this brings to the society.

Through technology, the African Woman can bring forth changes to her life without any obstruction to her culture.

We stand for collaborations with interested parties, other established Organizations both local and International.

Through events like seminars, masterminds, summits where training and networking will be provided to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and providing the necessary incentives required.

African Women's Economic And Entrepreneurship Forum (AWEEF)

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